Tierra Mapper

Latest News!  Tierra Mapper version 2.2 is now available for download.  This release  adds VGA device support, Visual CE v11 support, ability to write projected coordinates to Visual CE databases, and other enhancements and bug fixes

Mobile GPS - GIS Mapping Software for Pocket PC's

Tierra Mapper is Mobile GPS-GIS mapping software.  GIS raster image, Shapefile, and Pocket PC database spatial map data is integrated with robust attribute data collection forms. Tierra Mapper is a stand alone mapping tool with simple attribute data collection capabilities, or Tierra Mapper can be integrated with Visual CE database applications like GeoInfo Mobile (www.GeoInfoMobile.com) to create a complete field data collection system.

Tierra Mapper is aimed at professional GIS users but is simple enough for recreational and hobbyist use.            

Raster maps/images can be created by ArcGIS, MapInfo and AutoCAD, or any program that creates image format maps (JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF) with a World File (ArcGIS) or TAB file (MapInfo) georeference definition.  Raster Maps can also be purchased or downloaded for free (Tierra Mapper Forum: Downloading Maps).

Vector point data is viewable and editable in several PPC database formats (Pocket Access and Native Object Store PPC), and also directly in ESRI Shapefile format.  Simple attribute editing is available in Tierra Mapper and/or sophisticated attribute collection tools are provided using VisualCE database forms.  

Vector polyline data is viewable and can be collected in ESRI Shapefile format.  Vector data in Shapefile format can be purchased or downloaded for free (for example Tiger road data for the US at http://data.geocomm.com).

GPS support allows accurate location, tracking, navigation, and point and polygon feature creation.