Tierra Mapper

Mobile GPS-GIS mapping software that integrates raster image, Shapefile, and PPC database spatial map data display with powerful attribute data collection using VisualCE database forms. Tierra Mapper is a stand alone mapping tool with simple attribute data collection capabilities, or Tierra Mapper can be integrated with Visual CE database forms to create a complete field data collection system.


Tierra Mapper User's Manual Download

*Included in full software download as well


Free Observation Database Application Download

*Visual CE waypoint database application for recording point attributes.


SQLCE Runtimes Download

*For Pocket Access Database (.cdb) support, PPC 2003 only.

Tierra Mapper v2.2(b4)                      

*Full feature version, requires license code after 60 days.

Tierra Mapper $130                              


Purchase Tierra Mapper v1 Upgrade


*Key code will be emailed upon purchase.  Support and point upgrades (v2.x) are provide free for 90 days.



Tierra Exporter for MapInfo

A MapInfo add-in tool that provides MapInfo users the functionality to export map windows to raster images with georeferencing information (with a TAB file).   ArcGIS users already have this capability and do not need this tool.  An image and a world header file or TAB file for georeferencing is required by Tierra Converter to convert georeferenced maps to Tierra Mapper format.  Not required for MapInfo version 8.5 on.


Tierra Mapper + Tierra Exporter $155 




GeoInfo Mobile

GeoInfo Mobile is a set of mobile geology database tools;

  • Geochem Sample Card – For collecting surface geochemistry samples 

  • Observation Database – For collecting field observations (field notebook with pick lists!)

  • Data Logger – For logging drill holes and trenches.  

Designed specifically for the mining industry GeoInfo Mobile facilitates standardized and robust descriptive data collection and GPS location information for field activities.  GeoInfo Mobile is integrated with Tierra Mapper which allows users to view, navigate to and edit GeoInfo Mobile data on GIS maps in the field. GeoInfo Mobile runs on Pocket PC’s or smart phones with Windows Mobile or Pocket PC operating systems.

vistit for more info.





Visual CE

Build the perfect mobile database applications for Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, or Windows CE devices quickly and easily with Visual CE®, and integrate these applications with Tierra Mapper Mobile GIS-GPS Mapping for real time mapping of your data.  Eliminate paperwork and improve data accuracy, even centralize data. Simply decide what information you'll need, then drag and drop controls to create your custom electronic form, no programming required. After your data is collected, synchronize your device with your desktop PC or corporate server. Share data with popular ODBC-enabled software like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, or Visual Basic.

Free Observation Database Application Download

*Visual CE waypoint database application for recording point attributes.

Tierra Mapper + Visual CE Personal $245                 *Single Pocket PC license for Visual CE

Tierra Mapper + Visual CE Professional $489            *Unlimited runtime licenses for Visual CE

*10% discount on Visual CE applied for package purchase.  A download link will be emailed for Visual CE upon purchase.

Visual CE Personal  $129                      

Visual CE Professional  $399                




Using GpsGateTM it is possible to share one GPS between many applications running on a laptop or handheld computer. Today’s solutions only allow one application to take exclusive access of a connected GPS. As more applications are becoming position aware, GPS sharing will become a necessity.  

Not needed with Windows Mobile 5 devices.


  1. Share one GPS between several applications.
  2. No bluetooth browser selection required.
  3. More stable GPS connection.
  4. GPS simulation and logging.

GPS Gate  $19.95                                   

*Direct purchase from developer.