How Does Tierra Mapper Work?

Tierra Mapper Features

Hardware and Software Requirements

Version/Build Enhancements

How Does Tierra Mapper Work?

Office GIS to Mobile Field GIS, Mobile Field Database to Office Database.

  • Create a map in your PC GIS program, or create or download standard georeferenced raster images from any number of available programs or internet download sites.
  • Convert the PC georeferenced images to Tierra Mapper format using Tierra Converter (included PC tool with Tierra Mapper).
  • Copy the converted maps and any database point or Shapefile point or polyline datasets you want to map on to your PPC memory card.
  • Open a raster image and any point or polyline databases or Shapefiles you want to map in Tierra Mapper.
  • Activate a GPS in Tierra Mapper and you are ready to map with Tierra Mapper.
  • Link new point feature creation to a Visual CE application for powerful attribute data collection.


Tierra Mapper Features

ArcGIS and MapInfo raster maps from various sources

  • ArcGIS or AutoCAD raster maps with world header files.
  • MapInfo raster maps with a TAB file.
  • USGS DRG's with world header files.
  • Maps can be downloaded from various internet sources.
  • Tierra Converter PC application (included) converts raster maps to Tierra Mapper format for Pocket PC.

Shapefile (ESRI) Support

  • Vector point and polyline layers are supported in Shapefile format.
  • Supported by ArcGIS, MapInfo and AutoCAD.  Layers can be copied from a PC GIS or created on the PPC in Tierra Mapper.

Database Support

  • PPC 2003 supports Pocket Access (.cdb)
  • Visual CE support provides access to PPC Native Object Store and Pocket Access databases on both PPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 - 6.5.
  • SQL CE support is scheduled for a later release.


Multi Layer GIS Mapping  

  • Layer control dialog allows multiple point and polygon layers to be displayed with your raster image map. 
  • Labels, visibility, symbology, and editable layers are user selectable



GPS Functionality

  • Center on GPS shows current location and direction of travel.  Coordinates and elevation are displayed at the top of the map. 
  • GPS points and tracks can be collected and saved in Shapefiles (tracks) or databases.
  • GPS Information status screen shows GPS satellite, fix, and location information.
  • Standard NMEA compatible GPS support; integrated, compact flash, bluetooth, or serial cable to most handheld GPS's.


GIS & GPS Tools

  • Redline tool for free hand drawing text or graphics on the map.
  • Navigation mode shows direction and distance to target (image on right).
  • Zoom In, Out, Full Extents, and Previous.  Zoom In and Out at preset intervals or by user selected box.
  • Measure tool shows segment and cumulative distance, and bearing to last point.
  • Track tolerance can be set for collecting GPS track nodes.
  • Full control over layer symbology.
  • Map north mode shows current travel direction by rotating the center on GPS icon.
  • Map rotation mode rotates the map so up is always the current travel direction.
  • Coordinate display and map units are user selectable.
  • Map sessions can be saved and opened.

Integration with Visual CE data forms

  • Feature attribute collection is facilitated by seamless integration with robust Visual CE database applications like GeoInfo Mobile (www.GeoInfoMobile.com).
  • Form applications and Tierra Mapper share the same database.  
  • Points can be displayed and labeled on a map in Tierra Mapper.
  • Point locations can be created from the map (GPS or user selected) and the the Visual CE form is automatically opened for attribute collection, or points can be added with the GPS functionality in Visual CE and these points will be visible in Tierra Mapper.
  • Toggle back and forth from Visual CE forms to Tierra Mapper maps.
  • Map labels can be any attribute data field collected on the Visual CE form.


Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6.5 (*Pocket PC 2002 not supported)

  • Active Synch for XP, 

  • Windows Device Center for Vista ( a Windows update may be required (http://tierramapper.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=283)

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista OS for PC


  • Pocket PC running one of the operation systems above.

  • Memory card; SD or CF, to store maps.

  • GPS; Integrated, Bluetooth, SD or CF.

  • PC running Windows.


Version/Build Enhancements

V2.0 (b22)

  • Initial Release

V2.0 (b26)

  • Several minor bug fixes

  • Clean Layer Dialog, GPS Info  and Setting screens

  • Visual CE edit feature bug fixed

V2.1 (b1)

  • Improved image pyramiding resulting in clearer maps while zooming (best with hardware buttons).

  • Increased zooming range.

  • Broader device support;

    • Rugged TDS/Trimble Recon PPC supported, CE2003

    • Portrait and landscape display supported for on the fly switching.  For new device's with switching displays.

    • Support for integrated PPC / GPS PPC devices,  HP iPAQ hx5915 tested and others likely supported.

    • Support for integrated PPC / Phone devices, Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache), Sprint PC6700 (HTC), Cingular 8125 (HTC) and HP iPAQ 6500 devices tested and others likely supported (problem with ETEN G500 reported).

  • Visual CE enhancements;

    • Visual CE version 10 supported

    • Bug related to adding points to a Visual CE database with TM and a Visual CE application interchangeably is resolved.

    • Bug related to overlapping and improperly positioned labels is resolved.

    • Update points updates all Visual CE layers on the map not just the editable point layer.

  • Shapefile labeling and editing bugs resolved.

  • Projection Support Issues;

    • Tierra Converter projection details display correctly.

    • Projection problems in the southern hemisphere and UK/Europe fixed. 

    • Projections using 2 standard parallels is now supported correctly (US State Plane projections).

  • Map disappearing/blank map at some zoom levels with some maps bug is resolved.

  • Label overwriting bug fixed

  • GPS connection for older slower fix CF or SD GPS's supported.

  • Migration to .net 2.0 - installer now directs users to correct .net version for their PC's.

  • MapInfo's new v8.5 tool for exporting maps with georeference TAB files is now supported in Tierra Converter.

  • Tierra Mapper installer streamlined and simplified.

  • Several other smaller bugs fixed.

V2.2 (b1)

  • VGA device Support.  Menus and Icons are sized correctly for high resolution devices.  Odd device resolutions like WVGA should also be supported but these have not been tested.

  • Visual CE version 10 support.

  • Projected coordinates written to Visual CE database when Add GPS Point and Add Point tools are used in Tierra Mapper.

  • Vista support for installer, although not always without problems, see forum for tips (http://tierramapper.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=283)

  • Bugs fixed.

V2.2 (b2)

  • Visual CE version 11 support.

  • A few screens fixed to support CE 5.0 OS, although not supported yet, full CE 5.0 support is in the works.

V2.2 (b3)

  • VGA support for attribute editing of shapefiles.