Geo-Information Solutions Tierra Mapper. 

Tierra Mapper was developed by Geo-Information Solutions.  Tierra Mapper was designed out of the need of several of Geo-Information Solutions clients who required robust field data collection systems that could streamline data handling from the field to the corporate database. 

Geo-Information Solutions provides GIS and Geoscience consulting to government, the mining and oil industries, and environmental consulting firms.  Geo-Information Solutions focuses on GIS and mobile GPS/database application solutions.  Software development, system design, and training using ESRI ArcGIS software, AutoDesk’s MapGuide web based GIS software, and MapInfo Professional GIS software is provided.  Database support using Microsoft Access and  Microsoft SQL Server and programming in Visual Basic is a specialty. Geo-Information Solutions provides off the shelf GPS - GIS mapping software, Tierra Mapper, and custom development of integrated database and mapping solutions using Tierra Mapper, VisualCE, and a variety of PC based GIS and database tools.

Geo-Information Solutions draws on various technical consultants for specialized needs, and partners with other consulting firms to provide a broad spectrum of consulting services support.